Antirez于前几日发布了一篇blog,Why we don’t have benchmarks comparing Redis with other DBs


Redis speed could be one selling point for new users, so following the trend of comparative “advertising” it should be logical to have a few comparisons at Redis.io. However there are two problems with this. One is of goals: I don’t want to convince developers to adopt Redis, we just do our best in order to provide a suitable product, and we are happy if people can get work done with it, that’s where my marketing wishes end. There is more: it is almost always impossible to compare different systems in a fair way.

When you compare two databases, to get fair numbers, they need to share *a lot*: data model, exact durability guarantees, data replication safety, availability during partitions, and so forth: often a system will score in a lower way than another system since it sacrifices speed to provide less “hey look at me” qualities but that are very important nonetheless. Moreover the testing suite is a complex matter as well unless different database systems talk the same exact protocol: differences in the client library alone can contribute for large differences.