Dermot Haughey留言:

Always shocked at how rude and dismissive the software community can be.
People really need to abandon their egos in search of cooperation.
Jumping on a prominent member of the open source communtity because you
misunderstood what they said isn't going to 'win' you any points in the longrun


Unfortunately they win points... in some way. An example with a person
 that is not very famous in the community nor was involved in this tweets 
 exchange: there was this early times Redis user that always tried to
  contribute, which was fine. However all hits contribs where 
  half-finished, or broken, or some other problem like that, so I politely 
  refused the contribs. He got frustrated and started to point the finger 
  at me for me distributed systems misunderstandings, and so forth, and 
  started to write blog posts about abstract concepts that made he seem 
  smart. No real content, no real code shipped for years, just blabla, and 
  endorsing systems which are super safe during partitions and all the 
  rest is shit and so forth. Know what? He started to be hired by 
  companies in this space. However if you look at the hires story you see 
  him jumping each 6 months to a new company since the fact he is not able 
  to actually do work is something people eventually realize. Now every 
  time there is some Redis drama and he adds his voice I think that in 
  this world we can't have good things, really.