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微软是专利大企业,曾经用专利起诉著名企业,这次“拥抱Linux”,甚至打出了恶心的“ heart Linux”标语,至于未来如何,拭目以待。

An HTTP proxy for Elasticsearch, Solr (etc.) to prevent a 100% full disk situation.

网易乐得技术团队:Redis配置模板及持久化解决方案 –

Writing system software: code comments.

During my research I identified nine types of comments:

  • Function comments
  • Design comments
  • Why comments
  • Teacher comments
  • Checklist comments
  • Guide comments
  • Trivial comments
  • Debt comments
  • Backup comments

Comments as an analysis tool.

Comments are rubber duck debugging on steroids, except you are not talking with a rubber duck, but with the future reader of the code, which is more intimidating than a rubber duck, and can use Twitter. So in the process you really try to understand if what you are stating is acceptable, honorable, good enough. And if it is not, you make your homework, and come up with something more decent.

It is the same process that happens while writing documentation: the writer attempts to provide the gist of what a given piece of code does, what are the guarantees, the side effects. This is often a bug hunting opportunity. It is very easy while describing something to find that it has holes… You can’t really describe it all because you are not sure about a given behavior: such behavior is just emerging from complexity, at random. You really don’t want that, so you go back and fix it all. I find this a splendid reason to write comments.

Writing good comments is harder than writing good code

You may think that writing comments is a lesser noble form of work. After all you can code! However consider this: code is a set of statement and function calls, or whatever your programming paradigm is. Sometimes such statements do not make much sense, honestly, if the code is not good. Comments require always to have some design process ongoing, and to understand the code you are writing in a deeper sense. On top of that, in order to write good comments, you have to develop your writing skills. The same writing skills will assist you writing emails, documentation, design documents, blog posts, and commit messages.

I write code because I have an urgent sense to share and communicate more than anything else. Comments coadiuvate the code, assist it, describe our efforts, and after all I love writing them as much as I love writing code itself.

盖茨和朋友眼里的 Paul Allen
What I loved about Paul Allen
Remembering my friend and first business partner.


在万物互联的未来,我们还能够去真正“拥有”什么东西吗?班克斯(Banksy)在 本月早些时候 的行为艺术给出的回答是不能,当时他的一件作品在伦敦苏富比拍卖行进行拍卖。


赞赏这种反艺术的行为,看看最近 AI制作的一幅画佳士得拍卖出300万价格

想不到在用的是 redis + tweamproxy